Why Have Always Been I Experiencing So Furious All the Time?

depression cause diseases and depression are interchangeable. Anxiety is associated with repressed anger, while anger may cause intense feelings of despair. You might ask yourself when you are feeling depressed, “will there be someone or something who I might be angry with?” And when you’re feeling angry you might ask yourself, “Is there someone or something who’s hurt or saddened me causing me to feel depressed?” Patients become angry when they’re depressed because they frequently internalize feelings of self-hatred, and self-criticism that causes severe distress and discomfort. Moreover, people become depressed when they are angry since they feel like there is no relief in sight and therefore, experience feelings of hopelessness.
You should really confront yourself in the here and today and make an either mental or list that is physical of things that are making you angry and the things that are making you depressed. I suspect the two lists will look very similar. Next, categorize the lists on a scale of one two ten based on which items are the most to the least distressful for you. So, let’s say you are angry with your ex-husband who left you for another woman 5 years ago. This may be categorized as #1 on your list(s). Ask yourself specifically how/why you are made by this event angry/depressed and write it down close to #1. You are angry that he lied and cheated yet you are also depressed because you may still love him to a degree or are still grieving the loss of what was once a happy marriage. You are angry and depressed because you can’t understand why he would leave you. Therefore, you’ll want to cope with and resolve your emotions around grief and loss and calculate the costs and benefits of holding onto the anger. You may never know what motivated him to leave you even if you “did all the right things,” when you were married. Trying to figure this out usually takes more than a life time and continue to keep you connected to the thought of him. Anger is a powerful emotion often used to fill a void in an way that is unhealthy. Often why economic depression would choose to hold onto to the anger than experience a sense of emptiness or the expression, “Halitosis is way better than no breathing at all.”
But now think about how exactly many ways your attitude and life will improve when you begin to accept the situation as it is without further analysis. Empty the void once filled with anger and replace it with ideas that are fulfilling and positive. Anger is a big expense as it sucks the life energy out of us. Try setting “it” aside or outside of your body for awhile, and replace it with something that will improve your self-worth and sense of well-being. depression ribbon is very important to surround yourself with others who bring out the best in you. If you find yourself in a situation that you know you can’t change and continually makes you feel angry and depressed, that is a signal to get out and move on. Otherwise, the anger will eat you alive and propel you to behave in unhealthy ways that you might never have imagined. It is equally important to bring out the best in yourself by increasing positive and thinking that is productive. This takes some time, but we guarantee it will be time well invested. Take depression resources .